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Local and International CV Recruitment

Unlock Global Opportunities: Connect with Top Talent Locally and Internationally. Discover Your Career Potential with Our Expert CV Recruitment Services.

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Our global offices make us a reliable staffing solutions provider with extensive experience and knowledge. Since 2018, we have been a prominent temporary employment agency, catering to numerous businesses to meet their diversity requirements. In the Midwest, our employment service ranked fourth in 2017 for service and order volume. Resource Employment Solutions offers temporary staffing services, providing dedicated associates with strong work ethics who are open to relocating to different cities in the Middle East. Additionally, we have collaborated with a large pool of candidates for businesses that prefer online job posting and candidate search.

After the client finalizes the candidate selection, we take full responsibility for ensuring their successful deployment. This includes arranging medical exams, handling immigration clearance, obtaining visa stamps, and making airline reservations.

Recruitment Procedure

Pre Screening

Short listed applicants undertake a pre-interview conducted by our HR Manager/Recruiting Officer. The objective is to select the right candidates in the pre-interview will be prepared for the final interview

Final Interview

The selected applicants in the pre-screening will be presented to the interviewer of the company representative for ultimate selection. If the applications need to be tested technically, Sun and Company International Services Pvt. Ltd. will arrange the trade test.

Medical Test

The selected applicants will be sent to a authorized clinic for medical test to ensure that they are physically and mentally fit before joining the company.

Relationship & Objective

Relationship & Objective
We offer a range of services to our clients, aiming to foster strong relationships and simplify the employer's job. At Sun and Company International Services, we prioritize key factors such as cost, quality, time, optimal quantity, reliability, and service to ensure successful outcomes. We believe that no task is insurmountable for our dedicated team. Please contact us for more information on our services and procedures. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss further. Our objective is to maintain a consistent growth record, and therefore, we regularly follow up with clients after candidate deployment as part of our ongoing commitment. Rest assured, our pursuit of excellence is unwavering.
After the employment confirmation, we conduct an orientation program to provide selected candidates with essential information about the workplace conditions and procedures. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive overview of the country's rules and regulations. The orientation program serves to motivate and inform candidates about their responsibilities. Leelaak HR stands to support for employing the best manpower to your business organisation by adding us in your vendor list.
Quality Assurance Policy
Sun and Company International Services is dedicated to delivering outstanding recruitment training tailored to individual needs. We prioritize the well-being and dignity of our employees and candidates, while also safeguarding the interests of our clients. Our commitment is to maintain our position of excellence in the recruitment industry.

Industries We Serve

For over a decade, we have proudly served essential industries worldwide, relying on the expertise of our large team of professionals.

(Electrical / Mechanical / Civil / Electronic / Telecommunication)
Architects / Planners
(Specialists / General Physicians / Surgeons
Chartered / Cost Accountants
Banking Personnel
Mason Helpers
Concrete Mixer Operators
Pump Operators
Block Makers
Tailors/Tailor Helpers
Shop Assistants
Agriculture Labourers
Office Boys
Airport Loaders
Industrial Worker
Construction Supervisors /Overseers Welders (Gas)
Foremen (Electrical / Mechanical / Civil)
Plant Operators (Electrical / Mechanical / Civil)
Earth Moving / Construction of Equipment Operator
Electricians (L.T & H.T)
Carpenters/Cabinet Makers
Drivers (Light/Heavy)
Laboratory Technicians
Male/Female Nurses
Security Personnel
Masons/Tile Fixers/Plasters
Plumbers/Pipe Fitters
Mechanics (Air Conditioning/Heavy/Light Equipment)
Draughtsman (Electrical/Mechanical/Civil)
Hoztel Personnel (Waiters/Cooks/Bakers/Front Office Personnel)
Computer Operators
Garments / Textile
Administration Personnel
Steel Fixers